Nirvana Or Foo Fighters Lyric Quiz: Who Sang It?

Was it Kurt Cobain or Dave Grohl?


One was the singer for Nirvana, the other was the drummer. It took Kurt Cobain five times to find the perfect drummer for Nirvana, but Dave Grohl is also a very talented songwriter.

While Grohl only got to show off his singing talents briefly in Nirvana's career in the B-Side Marigold, he would later write for nine albums of songs with his band Foo Fighters.

As a result their rock lyrics are similar to one another, so we've compiled a lyric quiz if you think you're an expert on both.

Think you'll get all ten? Easy for you to say. Ten lyrics, all you need to do is guess if it was performed by Nirvana or Foo Fighters. Answers at the end.

1. Grandma Take Me Home


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