Oasis Quiz: Can You Name The Song From One Lyric?

No, there's no Wonderwall.

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Oasis are one of the world’s most missed bands, but it doesn’t really feel like they went away. The Gallagher brothers are continuing on with new solo releases each year, having never left the public eye and keeping with their trademark sound. The Manchester band called it quits after eighteen years in 2009. However, there is a timeless quality to Oasis’ work that just keeps audiences coming.

There is the eternal youth of Definitely Maybe, to their use of Beatlesque features across their discography. Oasis' music can still be enjoyed like it was released today. Britpop is certainly over, but Oasis’ music will indeed Live Forever.

So surely then, you’ll do fine on this Oasis quiz? Ten tunes, deep cuts and a couple singles. Can you name the Oasis song just by a single lyric? We’ve given you four choices but Don’t Look Back In Anger if you can’t get 100%. You bonehead.

Answers at the end.

1. If I'm To Fall, Would You Be There To Applaud?

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