Oasis What's The Story - Every Song Ranked

The pecking order of Britpop's crown jewel.


What's the Story (Morning Glory) is one of the definitive albums to come out of the Britpop movement. In one fell swoop, Oasis went from being a solid rock band to one of the greatest bands of the decade.

After Oasis' spectacular debut on Definitely Maybe, Noel and Liam Gallagher returned to the studio with some of the strongest songs of their career. From all out rockers to softer ballads, these songs became anthems once the band went on the road and began filling stadiums culminating in their historic gigs at Knebworth.

Recorded in the same place Queen worked through "Bohemian Rhapsody," the album maintains a certain cohesion from even if the song quality differs from track to track. Like its predecessor, this album is a lot of great tracks which work best when taken in as a whole. As we go through the ranking order of these songs from worst to best, keep in mind that each of these songs contributes immensely to the listening experience. Hopefully you will be reminded of some overlooked gems and find even more reasons why we are all mad fer this group of lads from Manchester.

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