Pop Music Quiz: Can You Match The Hit Song To The Singer?

With so many pop songs hitting the charts, it's not surprising that people can forget who sang them!


There was a time when the pop genre was definitely more concrete in how it was defined and which songs were put into that category. Yet, things have certainly changed over the years. Nowadays, pop music can encompass everything from a hip hop jam to a country song since there have been so many different singles that have delved into the popular music category.

However, that doesn't mean that there isn't a distinct pop genre. Some songs that have topped the charts have been decidedly within the pop genre and they've engrained themselves into the minds of music lovers all over the world. These are the singles that everyone seems to know every word to, no matter how hard they might try not to sing along.

Yet, that doesn't mean that everyone will be able to match the hit song to the correct singer. Only a true pop fan will be able to pass this pop music quiz!

1. Who Sang The Song, Genie In A Bottle?


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