Pop Punk Quiz - Who Sang This Song?

Plug yourself into pop punk.

Victory/MCA/Island/Reprise/Fueled by Ramen

Pop punk never dies.

Combining punk's snarl with sugary melodies, the genre enjoyed a high degree of mainstream popularity throughout the late 1990s and early 2000s, sharing the spotlight with a number of other alternative rock genres before starting to give we to indie as time progressed. Whilst it might be rare to see an act in the spotlight or the chart nowadays, dominated as they are by electronic dance and hip-hop offerings, there are still hundreds of artists that continue to release music and tour the globe successfully, securing high-profile slots at rock-orientated festivals like Download and maintaining rabid fanbases.

In terms of dedicated showcases, Warped Tour may be dead, but the likes of Slam Dunk have continued to grow year-on-year, giving exposure to up and coming new performers as well as established favourites. Elsewhere, YouTube, Spotify and similar platforms teem with new music to discover, making the genre as accessible as its ever been.

Within the contemporary landscape, many songs have become all-time classics whilst many more have been completely forgotten. The question is, which of the following can you remember well enough to match to the artist?

1. The Downfall Of Us All (2009)

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