Quiz: How Well Do You Know These Forgotten Band Members?

Can you guess the rock stars who didn't pass probation?

Dave Golland [Wikimedia Commons]

It’s a dream for many people to step on to the lighted stage as a member of their favourite band. There are plenty of great stories about your average Joe who by chance gets noticed at exactly the right moment to get snapped up by their heros and transformed into a fully fledged rock star.

Not everyone who makes it to the big time gets to stay. In the mad rush to fill a vacant spot or replace a difficult member, rock bands graft members into their line up with high hopes that the audience will accept them.

Too often, the band is going out with weak material due to the internal strife prior to taking on a new hire. In some cases, the contracts and legal issues are not sorted out prior to a tour launching, with old band members slagging off the new guys and promoters running scared.

Sometimes a band simply gets in a tight spot and asks a friend to fill in.

As a result, there are plenty of rockers who didn’t pass their probation. Some of these performers went on to do great things… but in most cases not. How well do you remember them?

Answers at the end!

1. Who Sang For Journey For Less Than One Year?


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