Radiohead Quiz: Can You Name The Song From One Lyric?

No Surprises, please...


Radiohead are one of the most critically-acclaimed British bands of all-time. The five-piece from Abingdon-on-Thames have released nine albums since 1993's Pablo Honey. First finding fame from their grunge-hit Creep, the band have since become critical darlings due to their constant reinvention of their sound.

The Thom Yorke-led band have had full releases discussing the ills of a digital society, to the War on Terror. in 2015, they even penned a (rejected) Bond theme. There certainly isn't a shortage of topics that the band have put to paper.

Radiohead were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2019, recognising their cultural significance. In recent years, the band have supported climate change causes while taking a break on solo projects. The next Radiohead album will likely be as ground-breaking as ever, but for now all we can do is look back.

So can you identify the Radiohead song from just one lyric? Don't think we've made this easy for you, there's some proper deep cuts here. There's no chance you'll get all ten.

Answers at the end!

1. In An Interstellar Burst, I Am Back To Save The Universe


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