Ranking All 13 Madonna Studio Albums From Worst To Best

5. Erotica (1992)


An incredibly ambitious and provocative album, Erotica was simultaneously released alongside Madonna's book Sex, and thematically focussed on sex, romance, and taboos.

While this album might not have as many stand out single tracks, due to its strong focus on its prime concepts and cohesion, it is an incredibly solid and consistent listen.

This album was a huge step for women's sexual liberation, something Madonna is widely known for being an ambassador of. Driven by Madonna's alter-ego personality, Dita, the dominatrix persona was unashamed about speaking openly about her desire and passions.

The album didn't perform as well commercially, mostly because of the backlash over the accompanying Sex book, yet it still performed well. The general public, and their sensibilities at the time, just wasn't ready to see a pop star who once had a clean image in such provocative positions.

Critically, however, the album is rightly praised, and its legacy is long-lasting and impressive, being named as one of the best albums of the 90s. This is one of Madonna's best reinventions of her image and an astounding album.

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