Ranking Every Slipknot Album From Worst To Best

Is We Are Not Your Kind their best yet?

Nuclear Blast

Everything about metal was turned on its head when a little band from Iowa decided to raise a middle finger to the music industry. Slipknot have since rewrote the rulebook with each and every album, implementing a zero-tolerance attitude towards all naysayers.

Fresh off the back of the band's 6th studio album We Are Not Your Kind, Slipknot are opening 2020 by touring with fellow metal oligarch, Behemoth. The tour is spectacular, mesmerising and quite frankly a sight to behold, with pyro and stage presence only outweighed by the sheer ferocity of the setlist.

What better time to look back to see how the ‘Knot went from hanging out in a grubby basement jam session, to become the biggest name in the metal industry?

Slipknot’s discography spans over two decades and has been made up of a staggering 17 members over its birth and growth. The 6 studio albums and the lesser known Mate.Feed.Kill.Repeat. demo have all had an impact on shaping the band.

Ranking these records was no easy feat, and has not been solely based on diehard fan-favourites, but also taking into account the sheer importance of said albums.

Some positions may surprise the ‘Knot purist...

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