Remembering Never: Exclusive Interview with Pete Kowalsky

What is going on with xBishopx and Ether? xBishopx is currently writing a new record and it's coming along nicely. We have about 2 songs and a bunch of ideas and I have a bunch of new stuff to write about. As far as Ether goes, we're just trying to figure out what we want to do with it. The full length is available for free online but people have been paying for it still which is awesome. Ether has been sidelined due to the RN record has been in full force since it's both Danny and I. Ether is easily my favorite project I've ever been involved with.In recent times, there has been a surprising amount of musicians who seemed to be very proud to live the Straight Edge lifestyle, wearing it like a badge of honor, then, from nowhere, they abandon it. What do you make of this? Is it something that weakens the convictions of the movement and perhaps, damage the perception that people have of it? In the early 2000's it seemed that it had become fashionable to be label yourself "edge", often from kids who weren't old enough to to drink/smoke etc, it got a bit silly didn't it? It's kind of annoying when people boast about being proud of being straight edge as if it's something that requires effort. I'm not proud of having common sense. I AM proud of the fact that I have a disciplined lifestyle whether in diet, exercise, school, etc. I'm not going to be proud of something I'm NOT doing. If I didn't know of the term "straight edge" I would still have the same lifestyle. A fancy term isn't going to effect anything personally. With that said, I do think it is a very positive thing considering pop artists promote BS party lifestyles. That's just bad news for the youth. I was super excited when I read Earth Crisis, One King Down and Morning Again lyrics. I lost my mind. I think that had a big effect on how I am today. That sticks with kids, not always but for some most definitely. I still get really excited about newer bands that actually have a positive message, which is few and far between. Edge bands that aren't corny are the best. Coke Bust, Vaccine, Dead In The Dirt... not to mention the greatest edge band of all time, XFilesX.Your opinion on the modern Hardcore scene is one that I am very interested in hearing. The reason is that I am 35 years old and been into heavy music for 25 years, ever since I heard Slayer and Metallica back in 1988. You have referred to yourself as an old and jaded when it comes to Hardcore music nowadays, but that isn't strictly fair because it is hard not be jaded when the younger people on the scene don't pay any mind to the music that the bands they love, take influence from. For example, there is a scene now in th U.K. where guys into Modern Life Is War, Blacklisted, Defeater, Dead Swans etc laugh, or show no interest when you name check Madball, Sick Of It All, Agnostic Front, Shai Hulud and more. Even bands like Pennywise and Bad Religion are rubbished now because of the fact they don't have tee shirts with arty black and white photos of random females or barren landscapes, or have vocalists that sound like they are yelping in pain. What do you feel about this? (apologies for the length of this question, but I'm trying to paint a picture.) No worries. That is definitely annoying. I've seen a lot of bands jocking Entombed hard with or without knowing it via Black Breath or whatever. I think it's important to know the roots of whats going on. I remember getting into Bad Brains and Minor Threat a couple years after getting into hardcore. It's important to know exactly where that came from and get a more honest approach to that style. I hear a lot of You & I influence in some bands these days... only an awful interpretation. This 90's alternative is also weird. Sorry, there will never be another Into Another, Quicksand, Failure, etc... I'm excited to see what comes next though. You had reservations about putting out the forthcoming RN on your own Dead Truth Recordings label, why was that? I didn't know if I could do a good job getting it out there. I hope I don't mess it up but at the same time I don't think it matters too much due to the "digital age". I just want it to come out, kids to dig it and learn it and hopefully take something away from it that will change their life for the better. There is nothing more satisfying than when a kid messages us or comes up to me a show and says he's been vegan or straight edge or anything awesome for x amount of years because of something they got from a record I wrote the lyrics for. If someone can make a positive change in their lives it makes me feel like I haven't wasted my life doing this. Have you seen any first hand progress since Obama moved into the White House? Absolutely not. I'm not a democrat or republican anymore. It's all BS. If anything I think we've regressed. Dude passed a bill to protect Monsanto. Obviously he doesn't give a damn about the peoples' health. It seems he's always doing something that I shake my head at in disbelief and disapproval. A bit of fun now with the next few questions. i. When you turn on your computer, what is the first site you always go to on a daily basis? Honestly, probably facebook or lambgoat. ii. You can kill anyone, you wont have to answer to anyone for it. Who? Every monotheistic religious leader. iii. One band you can resurrect, dead members or not. Who? PANTERA! Or Type O Negative.THANKS!

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Live and work in Aberdeen, Scotland...unfortunately. Sang in My Minds Weapon (Basick/Drakkar/Sony) for ten years (2002 - 2012) and now just tinkering with various other projects. Die hard Leeds United fan. Metalhead in my heart but also love many other genres of music. Also enjoy anything with Christopher Walken or David Caruso. Family live in Perth, Australia, so have been there many times. Best place in the world.