Rush: 10 Songs That Define Their Career

A chronological journey through the songs that have defined their shifting style.

They€™re all over sixty years old, they€™ve had more consecutive gold or platinum albums than any band not named The Beatles or The Rolling Stones, and earlier this summer, they embarked on a sold-out tour to celebrate their fortieth anniversary making music together. Among active bands, only ZZ Top (the same three guys since 1969) have lasted longer than Rush in a single incarnation. The band€™s sustained success in the studio and on the stage is legendary. A great deal of that is owed to the unmatched musical prowess of drummer Neil Peart, guitarist Alex Lifeson, and singer/bassist/keyboardist Geddy Lee€”the €œHoly Triumvirate,€ as fans call them. But equally vital has been Rush€™s willingness to change their style over time, progressing through many different iterations of rock music and applying their own idiosyncratic sound to each. Over the course of Rush€™s twenty studio albums, some songs stand out as particularly important to the band€™s development. Join me on a chronological tour of the ten tracks that I€™ve noted as milestones in Rush€™s amazing career.
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