Slipknot Quiz: Can You Guess The Song From One Lyric?

Today... upon this hill... you're taking all the quizzes...

The masked madmen known as Slipknot have finally dropped the highly-anticipated sixth studio album, We Are Not Your Kind. The album pays homage to the records of old, but manages to defines itself as the most mature and complete record to date. That album can only be described as intense, bottled chaos, mixed with a dark trip inside of a Clown-battered beer keg.

The Iowan outfit dusted off the boiler suits, fresh with hellishly disturbing masks to record a pure symphony of anarchy. WANYK reaches back to the dark, hate-filled Iowa days fused with the more mature modernistic metal twist of The Gray Chapter.

The already uber-popular Unsainted provides a backdrop for the band to explore uncharted territory, which arguably contains the most experimental material the band has produced to date - certain songs wouldn’t seem out of place in a Tron movie.

The record is filled with the Knot’s signature aggression, eerie samples and Corey’s unmistakable vocals. In short, WANYK gives Slipknot fans exactly what they needed.

You have already taken a metabolic rage filled dance through the history of the band listening to the new album, but how well do you know the whole discography? How well do you really know the genre-defining Slipknot and their songs? Can you tell the songs apart from the lyrics?

Answers at the end, Maggots!

1. “Relax, It’s Over, You Belong To Me, I Fill Your Mouth With Dirt”


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