The Strokes - "All The Time" Review

2013TheStrokesPA.3734757210113 Scroll down to listen to the new single. After the slight disappointment of the "weird" "One Way Trigger" it was important that the Strokes' first single for their fifth album was a strong one. Thankfully, there was no discouragement to be had when "All The Time" was revealed on Zane Lowe's radio show. It's unmistakably vintage Strokes and you'll hit the repeat button as soon as it ends. The American band are going back to their roots with this one. The guitar solo is fantastic and as it leads into the catchy and uplifting chorus in which Casablancas (whose voice is sounding great by the way) sings "You're livin' it up" over and over again it really hits home that this is yet another top class song from the Strokes. There's no techno "A-ha" sounding hook that could be heard in "One Way Trigger", this is a real guitar song. It gives encouragement that the band's impending fifth album "Comedown Machine", which is due out in March, will be everything that we hope for in a Strokes record. It's shaping up to be an exciting album, we always knew that of course as the Strokes don't make bad albums. But then again maybe I shouldn't speak so soon, I said the same thing about Muse and then came along "The 2nd Law" and I was forced to eat my words. By all means this isn't really a fair comparison as the Strokes aren't drastically changing their music. Let's be on the safe side though and hope for more songs like "All The Time" come March and Less songs like "One Way Trigger".
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