This Week in Music Review: 6/16/13-6/22/13

Worst Single of the Week: Made in America by Cimorelli

cimorelli This song is not as bad as other singles I have denoted as the worst, but this song could not be any more generic if it tried. The girl rapping really ruins what respectability the chorus could have had because it was catchy. I am certainly not trying to hate on a new group; you have to be good to make it as the iTunes single of the week. This song is free on iTunes, and it has a catchy chorus. However, the song is bland and catchy can not save a bland, annoying song.

Not Quite As Bad

Rapper Waka Flocka Flame brought out a new single called "50K Remix" that sounded like every other song he released in the past four years. Contributing rapper T.I. kept him out of the #1 worst single of the week. Fellow rapper Wale brought out a single from his upcoming new album entitled "LoveHate Thing," and the song is not terrible but does not blow me away. Pop music veteran Cher attempted to fit in with the current pop genre with her new song "Woman's World," and despite the fact she has a great voice still, it just does not sound like it meshes well with the dance behind her.
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