When Tom Baker Met The Human League

4. Art-School Whovians

Humanleague Yes, apparently it's true. Though no audio survives, an early centrepiece of the live League was their interpretation of the 'Doctor Who' theme, showing themselves to have the necessary chops to later tackle a tribute to the man who without doubt was ' their' Doctor. Why they were never approached for permission to use ' Tom Baker' in one of his episodes is among one of the many great mysteries of the music of the programme, even if they're by no means the first to incorporate it into their sound. Rewind back a few years and a specific point in time/ on your vinyl player- around three minutes into Pink Floyd's 'One Of These Days', the opening track of 1971's ' Meddle'. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hT44cUPZQ2o Proof positive, then, that lessons were being learnt at the feet of the original masters of space-age atmospherics across generations of art school musicians. Plus, rather brilliantly, Floyd would make an extended connection between their piece and the handiwork of the Radiophonic Workshop in live performances as well as introducing ' the Dalek', a lighting set up which both uncannily resembled and moved like the robots with whom it shared its name.

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