Tool: 10 Albums We Waited For Longer Than The New Album

Even JLS released four albums in three years. How hard can it be?


Tool stand today as one of the most intriguing and complex bands ever to grace the music industry. Evolving their initial heavy metal sound to include more progressive and experimental elements, the band has conjured up three Grammy Awards across four albums in their near thirty year history.

Along with Tool's mystique - usually opting to avoid media outlooks wherever possible - a large part of their success is down to the quality of each album. Every release is a progression from their previous output, drawing in huge soundscapes, complex vocal delivery, unusual time signatures and integrations with maths and psychology. Small wonder then, that everyone is clamouring for album number five.

Whilst most fanbases have it easy compared to Tool's fan in waiting for a new album (eight years for new Metallica, five for Maiden, eight for Aerosmith, etc.), they themselves have it easy compared to those who waited for any album on this list (especially when some of them weren't that great).

As you read this, spare a thought for those still waiting for new albums from System of a Down, Emperor or Fleetwood Mac. They're all beginning to look like Seymour from Futurama.

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