Top 10 Artists Playing At Bonnaroo 2013


One of the biggest music festivals begins next week: Bonnaroo!

Now in its 12th year, Bonnaroo is a giant music and arts festival that takes place annually on a huge farm in Manchester, Tennessee, USA. From June 13-16, people from all over the world will camp out and walk across 700 acres to see the very best bands in the world, spanning across all genres. In addition to the music, they have a Comedy Tent with some of the best stand-up comedians and a Cinema Tent showing films 24/7. Basically, it is impossible to be bored at this festival.

Bonnaroo always manages to snag some of the most sought after bands and artists, rivaling the lineups of Coachella, Primavera and the rest of them. This year, they have pulled out all the stops and no matter who you see, they're almost guaranteed to be great. But with more than 100 acts playing this year, it will be impossible to see them all. To help you make some of those tough decisions, here are the top 10 must see acts of Bonnaroo 2013.

10. Beach House


Forming in 2004, Beach House is comprised of two main musicians: Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally. Together, they make beautiful, ethereal music that can be mostly classified as dream pop. Over the years, they have expanded this sound from minimalistic slow burning songs to full-on anthemic pop. The best thing about their songs is how strong the writing is. The lyrics are fantastic and the sounds seems bigger than the sum of its parts.

When they play live, the music shines and washes over you. It makes life feel bigger in that moment, like things makes more sense somehow. Watching this band with thousands of other people will seem like an out-of-body experience. And then you€™ll realize that you were actually there and yes, it was real.

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