Top 10 Most Embarrassing Songs

10. Dani California

Artist: The Red Hot Chili Peppers Album: Stadium Arcadium, Warner Bros. When I was in junior high, the Chili Peppers were one of those groups I could only listen to through headphones in my house. Their raunchy lyrics combined with often-complex, pounding funk was a bit too risqué for my rural Pennsylvania parents but perfect for my teenage rebellion. Blood Sugar Sex Magik is still one of my favorite albums. But then something weird happened. They released Californication in 1999, and their sound became mellower. That€™s fine, groups change over time. But every new Chili Peppers song I heard on the radio kind of sounded the same. They were either €œCalifornication, part X€ or €œCalifornication, upbeat.€ None of these songs are bad, but its gets a little embarrassing to put on their earlier music, have one of these things pop up, and find myself unable to identify the song as they all sound the same. And instead of getting pumped up by the Chili Peppers, I seethe in frustration.
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