Top 6 Post-Physical Graffiti Led Zeppelin Songs

What lies beyond the stairway?

Never has a cliché had more truth in it than this one €“ you€™re not a real lover of rock music unless the first six Led Zeppelin albums reside somewhere in your home, be it on your shelf or in your Itunes library. But what of what came after the mammoth juggernaut that is Physical Graffiti? Presence and In Through The Out Door have a hard time finding a snug place in many a rock fan€™s heart. Cries of €œit€™s their underrated masterpiece!€ are generally the most acclaim these two albums receive. But there continues to be some hope for those two albums. Many people, including Dave Grohl, have commented on how Presence is a tough album to get into, but once you€™re in, it€™s impossible to get out. Additionally, In Through The Out Door is often held up as the key clue to how the band might have sounded once the 80€™s got a hold on them. Without drummer John Bonham, In Through The Out Door displays a melting pot of styles that would become most popular in that ensuing decade. For the sake of argument, let€™s ignore Coda, the reviled odds-and-sods collection. Heck, even Exile On Main Street is an odds-and-sods collection, but you wouldn€™t put Coda up against that album, would you? So, using Presence and In Through The Out Door as our case studies, one the penultimate and the other the final original studio album produced while the group were still kicking and screaming, let€™s take a look at the six best songs to come from Led Zeppelin after Physical Graffiti.

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