Tremonti: Dust Review - 10 Phenomenal Tracks Reviewed & Ranked

8. My Last Mistake

mark tremonti
Carlos Amoedo

Talk about your pace-setting opening tracks. My Last Mistake easily lives up to the unabashed ferocity Radical Change debuted on Cauterize, this time playing to an off-kilter time signature that's as refreshing as it is pulse-pounding.

Once again - as should be the case when a lead guitarist takes the reigns on a solo album - the guitar solo itself is a marked highlight. Fans will recognise a brilliantly complex mix of smaller signature elements from all of Tremonti's past studio efforts, and there's everything from escalating dual-string bends to sliding octaves and of course, a lightning-fast legato run to wrap it all up.

Throw in one of the best choruses on the album and there's a damn good reason this was the second single preparing us for the full release. It's brilliant.

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