Trivium - What The Dead Men Say Review: Every Song Ranked Worst To Best

Pitting together the songs of Trivium's newest - and best - album.


Trivium have done something fantastic on What the Dead Men Say. They have combined everything that has made them brilliant over the years to create a metal album that worships the genre and pushes it to be as catchy as possible.

The band have always been known for their ability to combine a love of thrash, classic and progressive metal with a modern sound. The writing on this album is so sleek and technically proficient; every line has been crafted and rehearsed with meticulous care, and the result is astonishing.

What the Dead Men Say has taken from the intentions of metalcore to be both heavy and hooky, but does so without sounding formulaic, stiff or unsubstantial. The album is something inspired heavily by the past, but stands already as a modern classic, both in the grand scheme of metal and the band’s own back catalogue.

The songs feature the kind of choruses that will stick to your brain forever like Trivium's own Enter Sandman or Numb, building on everything the band has done up to this point.

This album is a breeze to listen to, and here is a comparison of all ten songs, crowning one as the absolute best.

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