UK Festivals 2013: 5 Acts You Won't Want To Miss

leeds_festival_201101_website_image_bqsp_wuxga The great British festival season is upon us. It is the chance for the UK's festival goers and music lovers to take in a large selection of top artists, and of course the upcoming acts as well. There is just one issue with this, before going to your festival(s) of choice you tend to sit back and list off all the acts you are going to see but this does not always go to plan. Maybe you had too much to drink and passed out in your tent, missing that act you swore you would go see in the process. Or maybe your friends decided, much to your protests, it's a better idea to wait at the main stage for the headliner rather than nipping to one of the more minor stages to catch that band you have recently taken a liking to. The reasons for missing some of the acts you planned to see is endless. You may not see everyone you plan to this year, but if you are going to see at least 5, let me tell you who those 5 should be and why.

5. Jake Bugg

jake_bugg09_website_image_gallery_wuxga (1) This young Folk Rock singer rose to fame somewhat abruptly in 2012 with his self named album making it to the number 1 spot in the UK charts. An achievement that Bugg may be just be as proud of is when he was given the privilege of supporting Noel Gallagher as part of his tour in the same year. The Indie Rocker did not gain such approval for nothing. His album plays host to a great deal of fresh and interesting songs that many felt the genre needed. His gigs have sold out up and down the country and the 19-year-old is set to embark on a US tour later this year - so if Jake Bugg is on the bill at a festival you are attending grab your chance to see him. T in the Park, the Isle of Wight festival and Glastonbury are a number of festival destinations for the youngster. Key Live Songs Lightning Bolt Taste It

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