Westlife Sound Death Knell for Pop’s Glory Days

“When you stop giving, when you stop offering something to someone, it's time to turn out the light”.

€œWhen you stop giving, when you stop offering something to someone, it's time to turn out the light€. Well, perhaps Westlife have decided that pop music has stopped offering them something, and they have decided to turn out that light.

In a recent interview with video website MUZU.TV, Westlife Messrs. Egan and Feehily stated what they felt was wrong with the music industry, referring to the current state of popular music as €˜too cool€™ and €˜samey€™. Whilst it may seem farcical that Westlife are pointing out what is wrong with the music industry, rather than taking responsibility for it, there is some method in their madness (after all, no one sits on stools at the beginning of every song anymore. Those were the halcyon, edgy days of pop).

Only this week I was savaged mercilessly by a rampant hoard of bloodthirsty devotees (of all ages and genders) of a certain One Dimensional pop act for referring to the music they produced as being €œbland teen pop, churned out in time for Christmas€. And now these bastions of pop have the knives out for the X Factor generation too, with Feehily saying that **revelation alert** he did not think that €˜anyone from this year€™s X Factor will change the face of music€™.

The duo went on to say that they felt the music market was being €œflooded by too many similar songs with the same €˜beat€™€ and that there was €œdefinitely a gap for a big mainstream pop act€. We can but pray they are not hinting at a reunion before they have even fulfilled on their promise of retirement. For nothing now can ever come to any good.

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