Win: £100 Gig Ticket Gift Certificate For Being A Music Know-It-All

Music Quiz Do you know the original name of the Beatles, or the song on the Space Jam soundtrack that was written by Jay-Z? How about the number of weeks Elvis Presley songs have spent in the chart since the King's sad demise? Do you know the name of every Justin Bieber B-side? Then you should maybe get out a bit more. But as for the rest of you, we have a definitive challenge designed to see exactly how much you know about all things musical. We're looking for the most knowledgable music fans to show their pride in their knowledge, and to get an opportunity to score some bragging points (as well as potentially walking away with £100 in gift vouchers) in the eternal battle with friends to prove just who knows the most about Take That. We've teamed up with Stubhub to present a comprehensive Music quiz to test out your claims to being a real music aficionado. Enter the music quiz and fill in the answers to your heart's content.
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