10 Things You Didn't Know About JK Rowling

A woman so generous she's no longer a billionaire.

Harry Potter is one of the world's pop culture cornerstones. It's inspired millions of people around the world to pick up books and start reading, and has fuelled the imaginations of kids and adults alike for almost two decades.

And that's just the books. The films were also a phenomenal success, a rare example of a lengthy franchise being praised by fans and critics alike. Though the books and films have spawned countless fan theories and trivia lists, Rowling herself is a bit more of an enigma. Many people know who Rowling is simply by proxy, and don't know an awful lot about the writer herself. In short, Rowling is a remarkable woman. She became the first ever person to become a billionaire through writing novels, and lost that billionaire status by donating so much money to charity. She's known for her generosity not just to charity but to her fans and the people who made her career possible. With all that said, here's a selection of amazing things you didn't know about J.K. Rowling.

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