10 Best Bill Murray Stories (That Nobody Believes Actually Happened)

10. The One Where He Steals Your Fries, And No One Will Ever Believe You

'No one will every believe you' is a line that is now synonymous as the catchphrase Bill Murray uses in almost every myth and fable about him, including tales of him covering strangers eyes in the streets or sharing their taxi, it's always the last words they hear before he disappears into the night. However, perhaps the most famous of these stories originated from the US restaurant chain, Wendy's. The legend goes that a couple were enjoying their meals in peace when the hungry Ghostbusters star stopped in for a bite. It seems that Murray still had an appetite on his way out as he zoned in on the couple and grabbed a handful of their fries, before uttering his famous catchphrase and leaving the restaurant and the couple stunned. It's a tale taken on such a life of its own that it is in fact now believable. The best part is that Murray, when asked about it by GQ, refused to confirm or deny the stories. It's become one of those rumours and catchphrases that everyone has adapted to their own situations, with some more believable than others, but until Murray is caught doing this in the act, it will remain just a myth. You might even have one of your own stories, but no one will ever believe you.
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