10 Best Ever Stories Told On Hot Ones

Some Hot Ones conversations are spicier than the Last Dab.

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When Sean Evans first appeared on our screens with a plate of hot wings, impeccable research, and a million questions, many people would have found it hard to believe that Hot Ones would go on to receive so much praise and live on for at least another 13 seasons. Yet, in terms of interview shows, the YouTube sensation has become a mainstay, and it's largely due to the interesting and often revealing nature of the conversations that ensue.

The Hot Ones host has a real talent for getting relatively unknown facts and tales out of his guests, which as a result, has helped the show stand out amongst others and go beyond being "that one show where celebrities choke on hot wings."

That didn't mean every episode of Hot Ones was completely enthralling, as there were a handful of misses throughout the years (looking at you, Charlie Day), but most of the chats were worth tuning in to by large.

However, there are some conversations that stand out far beyond the others - for better or worse - and perhaps there were a couple of topics the guests wish they never brought up in the first place.

10. Tommy Chong On Parenting

When Tommy Chong showed up on Hot Ones, the last thing viewers expected was to hear the veteran toker discuss parenting, but that was what they got - granted, it was full of terrible advice.

While Sean Evans nearly collapsed at wing nine, Chong held strong (which he accredited to smoking cannabis) and told a tale of a time when he and his wife took their four-year-old daughter to a matinee showing of Thumbelina.

Of course, if they had simply taken their daughter to the theater, it wouldn't have made the cut as a legendary stoner story.

He and his wife dropped LSD before watching the animated musical with their little girl. By the time Thumbelina was set to be married, Chong and his wife noticed all the young children running up and down the aisles. However, the acid morphed the kids into large rats, and within seconds, the couple huddled together as rodents swarmed all around them.

His daughter may have enjoyed the film, but Chong and his wife were wrapped in fear, wishing they could somehow escape the building. It might make for a good Hot Ones conversation, but perhaps the real parenting advice contained in Chong's narrative was never to do drugs... around your small children.


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