10 Best Fantasy Worlds In Fiction

Some of them you want to visit, some you don't, but all are spectacular.

Middle earth Shadow of War
Warner Bros.

Fantasy exists in so many different genres, and this is because it has unlimited scope. The depths of the creators' imagination can be fully explored in a world that is inhabited by that which we do not know. Although sometimes they can feel reminiscent of each other, fantasy lands in books, film or video games always have a sense of individuality to them which makes them epic in their own way.

Throughout the history of storytelling, there have been some very notable worlds created, and they have stuck with us through many changes in culture. This has led to many of them feeling like second homes to those who admire the genre. The stronger a world feels, the better the story told within it becomes.

Taking the realm of fantasy and quantifying its best worlds is a challenge, but some genuinely stand the test of time and are a step above the others.

(Before anyone begins to grumble, Harry Potter will not appear on the list as it's not a fantasy world, but fantasy existing in the land we know as our own.)

10. The Land Of Behelit's And Swords - Berserk

Middle earth Shadow of War
Studio GEMBA

Berserk is a manga series created by the legendary Kentaro Miura, and is incredibly long, going over three hundred and fifty chapters. The story centres around our protagonist Guts, a strong and brutal lead who walks the line between series hero and anti-hero incredibly finely. The story has gone through many stages and has seen very notable adaptations, including an anime series and animated film.

The world of Berserk is cruel and twisted. It appears as a classic dark medieval fantasy setting, with knights and swords, but also mixes in elements of demonic presences and fantastical creatures. Part of the appeal is the stages that the land has gone through, which can be divided into three ages in the timeline. These consist of the age of man, the age of war and the age of darkness. Without delving into too much of the story, these different stages have connotations which are significant for the world and characters.

Part of what makes Berserk so brilliant is how evolving it is, the phases that it goes through all feel unique and make their version of the earth feel ever-evolving. The anime series or the films are pieces of media, the manga is impressive, but it can be somewhat daunting for new readers, so choosing to begin it is quite an investment.


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