10 Best Harry Potter Chapters

"After all this time?"

Harry Potter Snape The Prince S Tale
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J.K. Rowling’s series of books about a young wizard captured the hearts of children and adults around the world.

Across nearly two-hundred chapters, readers were treated to a gripping plot, nuanced and developed characters, and a magical world stuffed with detail and wonder. Indeed, there were very few missteps throughout the seven volumes of the Harry Potter series, and each book contained a number of outstanding chapters.

Whilst there was plenty of intensity (particularly at the end of each book), Rowling also packed the series with slower, more emotive moments containing powerful dialogue and unexpected character development.

Though Rowling has been getting a fair share of criticism for Fantastic Beasts, The Cursed Child, and for making strange additions to her world via Twitter, it’s important to remember why Harry Potter was so popular in the first place...

10. The Yule Ball

Harry Potter Snape The Prince S Tale
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Book:The Goblet of Fire

Chapter Synopsis: The champions and their fellow students are treated to a night of well-mannered frivolity.

This chapter was not a highlight in terms of plot, but it was still fun from start to finish.

Ron’s reaction to his dress robes and Hermione’s relationship with Viktor Krum made for some great comedic moments. It was also amusing to see Snape’s brief purge of students making out in secret outside the Entrance Hall.

Most importantly, however, this chapter was a key component of Hermione’s character arc. Rowling balanced the moment perfectly, demonstrating a side to Hermione that the reader had not seen before whilst still staying true to her character.

It’s a testament to the strength of Rowling’s characters and world-building that she was able to write such an enjoyable chapter that was almost totally devoid of plot progression.

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