10 Best High Sci-Fi Universes In Fiction

Star Wars? Firefly? Dune? Which sci-fi worlds are a cut above the rest?

Star Wars palpatine

Getting the chance to escape into a fantasy land or another world culture is a tonne of fun. Books, movies, games and every other form of storytelling can generate an entirely new existence, or work on something that we already know. However, while many genres strive to make new places or change the way we see the world, sci-fi comes out and generates entire universes full of possibilities.

That's what makes the sci-fi genre such an incredible thing to be a fan of. The only limit to a creator is their own imagination, and thus, there have been some utterly groundbreaking and enticing creations that have lit up the genre like a supernova.

These following fictional universes are the absolute pinnacle of science fiction, as they forged entire galaxies for players/readers/viewers to delve into and filled them up to the brim with unique character, identity and something that pushed the entire genre forward.

Their impact on culture, dense lore and general receptions will play a part in their ranking, and by the end, you shall know which places to go on your next spacetime adventure - if you haven't been there already.


Some honourable mentions include the Doctor Who, Stargate, Farscape and Revelation universes.

10. Firefly

Star Wars palpatine

You'll hear many sci-fi properties described as a "space western", meaning that they make good use of western movies tropes but place them in the stars as opposed to the harsh land of dysentery and cowboys. But, Firefly goes one step beyond appropriating tropes by creating a world that can truly be defined as the wild west in space.

This cult-classic cancelled-too-soon TV series from Joss Whedon is a fantastic experience thanks to the characters, clever writing and humour, but a major part of the appeal comes from the 'verse itself. The politics of this world are simple, as they act as an extension of our own. You've got the Alliance, who are the big force intending to govern the universe and the ragtag planets that prefer freedom.

There's a dirty grittiness to the show that gives you a completely different vibe to the shiny and high-tech sci-fi that most viewers are used to, and this is particularly highlighted in the lack of aliens. This decision seems absurd in a sci-fi property, but it gives you a great examination of how humanity would invest in the cosmos and how it might be more familiar than you'd think.


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