10 Best Science Based Joe Rogan Experience Guests

"Pull that sh*t up, Jamie!" Science just got interesting.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson

The Joe Rogan Experience has become the go to place for just about any kind of discussion under the sun.

Want to find out how the Mongols conquered the Eurasian Steppe? Joe Rogan. Ever wondered what really went down at Area 51? Joe Rogan. Enjoy the terrifying but fascinating phenomenon that is Alex Jones? Joe Rogan.

But when he's not talking about heroic doses of edibles or his fascination with chimpanzees ripping off their opponents unmentionables, he's usually having in-depth conversation with some of the brightest minds in academia.

If you're among the majority, science class was where your yearning to learn about the wonders of the universe went to die. String theory sounded like a cool concept, but unless you were a child genius or else had that rarest of things, a good teacher, you quickly came to the conclusion that science was too complex for your teenage mind.

Luckily, on 29 December 2009 The Joe Rogan Experience came into existence. Since then, Rogan's infectious appetite to ask all and every question you thought too obvious, too stupid or too crude has encouraged people to dive back into those subjects we all thought we would never explore again.

Over the years some of his most enjoyable discussions have been with science boffins who are more than willing to enthusiastically impart their knowledge onto the rest of the world.

10. Brian Cox – Episode 1233

Brian Cox is Britain's answer to Neil deGrasse Tyson. He's become the face of modern physics in the UK, popularising the learning of complex scientific concepts for the layperson.

Trying to wrap your mind around the sheer vastness of space is akin to trying to fathom why people would vote for Donald Trump. It's a tedious and scary exercise to undertake but one that's probably useful to understand. Brian Cox is the man to lead you through this concept, (the vastness of space... , not even Cox could figure out why people voted for Trump).

His softly spoken delivery feels like you're being fed science facts on a spoon of sugar from Mary Poppins. You can tell a guest has plenty of interesting stuff to say when Joe Rogan stays silent for the majority of the interview. And, this is one of his longer interviews...

It's a unique feeling emerging from this particular two-and-a-half-hour scientific conversation. Mostly you're aware that maybe 2% of what was said vaguely made sense to you, but nevertheless it doesn't feel like you've wasted your time.


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