10 Best Science Based Joe Rogan Experience Guests

9. Trevor Valle – Episode 862

In the modern internet age there is no opinion, believe system or scientific theory that doesn't have a counter movement of people holding opposing views. Even things we once held to be indisputable truths have come into question.

Trevor Valle joined Rogan to help debunk the conspiracy theories of Eric Dubay, a popular sceptic who among other things believes the Earth is flat and dinosaurs didn't exist. Rogan sort of spent the entire episode baiting Valle, playing him clips of some of Dubay's more spurious claims.

If you're not familiar with Trevor Valle, picture the fifth member of Bowling For Soup and imagine he got lost on the way to a concert, ended up in a laboratory, and decided he liked dinosaurs more than music.

Valle's fiery obsession with palaeontology was put on full display during this episode. Despite Rogan clearly being fascinated by Valle's fossil based knowledge, the episode descended into an exercise in good natured trolling.

But besides the entertainment value in watching a guy in a hockey jersey get progressively more drunk and staunchly defend the field of palaeontology, you come away with some solid dino facts.


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