10 Best True Crime Podcasts Everyone Must Listen To

Some of the best to scratch your true crime itch.

Bloody Murder
Bloody Murder

Have you found yourself wondering just why true crime podcasts are so damn popular? There are a few reasons. Through true crime podcasts, you can learn about the psychology of serial killers, follow a missing persons' case, and even see the process of a wrongful conviction overturned.

True crime podcasts are so much more than dark tales of murder, blood, and gore (well, the good ones are at least). The best reflect on society and have something important to say, while some of them might even make you laugh. What’s certain is that true crime podcasts’ popularity is continuing to grow, and it doesn’t look like that’s going to stop anytime soon.

But which are the very best that you need to check out right now?

10. Jensen And Holes - The Murder Squad

Bloody Murder
The Murder Squad

The combination of an investigative journalist, Billy Jensen, and retired cold case investigator, Paul Holes, is pretty unique among the podcasts on this list. The reason it’s irresistible for true crime fans is that it invites them in to tackle missing persons’ cases and unsolved crimes.

Beginning in 2019, it combines old fashioned detective work with up-to-date forensic techniques.

Not only can you listen and learn about these infamous crimes, but listeners can actually help to solve cold cases and hopefully bring justice to those who have been largely forgotten about.

And it has worked! In April 2020, the podcast scored its first arrest. James Curtis Clanton was arrested and charged with first degree murder relating to the case of Helene Pruszynski, who was killed in 1980.

Listen here.


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