10 Best True Crime Podcasts Everyone Must Listen To

9. Drunk Women Solving Crime

There seems to be a connection with comedy and true crime – perhaps it’s to soften the blow of such traumatising stories. Drunk Women Solving Crime doesn’t just go for the heavy hitters such as serial killers and missing person though – this pod also covers more obscure crime stories, including a woman who hid her secret lover in the attic for a decade.

The hosts are Catie Wilkins, Hannah George, and Taylor Glenn, all comedians with impressive CVs of work on radio and TV.

As well as being a popular true crime podcast, DWSC is known for its live shows, having welcomed several other comedians and members of the public onto their stages on tours and at festivals such as the Edinburgh fringe. Guests often tell their own stories of being involved in crimes, giving a safe space to do so while also finding the humour in such stories.

Listen here.


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