10 Best Twitter Celebrity Comebacks

Because nobody on Twitter keeps their cool.

Twitter: home of open discussion, honest opinions... and thousands of people being outrageously rude and abusive, particularly to celebrities. If you look at David Cameron€™s Twitter, for example, whether you support him or not it€™s quite surprising just how much Twitter vitriol that he attracts. From calls of €œPanface€, €œMoonface€, €œPieface€, and other observations around how his head looks like a particularly shiny egg with a wig on it, to simple, expletive-filled dedications (€œw*nker€ seems to be a particularly popular thing to tweet at the current leader of the UK), Cameron€™s Twitter account is a perfect example of how unflinching Twitter critics can be. Unfortunately for Cameron, he (or at least, his social media team) probably aren€™t allowed to respond with snappy comebacks, or even €œyour mum€ jokes. It€™s not just troll-hunting though: someone of the biggest and best celebrity feuds have made their way onto Twitter. Perez Hilton, Amanda Bynes, Alec Baldwin, and, well, usually Perez Hilton again, have had high profile and hilarious Twitter sparring matches. As an online playground it definitely attracts more punch-ups than not, and behind a computer screen people tend to be more outlandish (and hilarious) with their insults than not. This article has tried to stay within the last year or so to avoid repetition, but not to worry: we've still included some classics.

10. Frankie Muniz

This is definitely one of those classics. Frankie Muniz may not have done masses of ground-breaking material after his deeply successful career playing the eponymous Malcolm of Malcolm in the Middle, but then why would he need to? The show ran for seven seasons, so it€™s safe to say it was fairly well-received, although you probably know that anyway because it€™s quite likely you loved it as a teenager. However you feel about the man behind the Malcolm, it can€™t be denied that he€™s done well for himself, as proven when someone criticised his acting ability. Establishing that he has done better than, well, pretty much all of us, he takes his critic down with details of his retirement fund age 19 which, frankly, is probably more money than any of us will ever hope to see put together. Fair play Frankie, fair play.

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