10 Bloodthirsty Creatures From Global Folklore

7. Langsuyar

Yama Uba Feat
Walter William Skeat, Malay Magic [Public domain]

A Langsuyar, feared in Malaysia, is the restless spectre of a woman who lost her life during pregnancy or childbirth. This creature is often compared to a vampire as it has a thirst for the blood of humans, especially that of new-born male babies. A Langsuyar won’t stop there though, seeing as how this monster also loves eating new-born female babies.

This creature most often takes the form of a gorgeous woman sporting a head of long black hair that reaches her feet. In this form it wears long green robes and has spindly nails. Other times, it is just a floating female head with a spinal cord and intestines hanging from the neck.

Traditional beliefs have it that if certain rituals are performed over a departed woman’s body, it will prevent her from being reincarnated as a langsuyar. These rituals include placing an egg underneath each armpit, sticking needles in the palms and inserting glass beads into the mouth of the deceased.


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