10 Celebrities Who Gave Absolutely Zero F*cks

They really don't care who they piss off.

JamesBluntTwitter For better or worse, today€™s society is fascinated with celebrity culture. Countless magazines, websites and entire television channels are devoted to following and obsessing over every detail of their existence. When it comes to this fascination, there are basically two camps: Those who follow along religiously and stay up to date on all the happenings in Hollywood and the like, and the rest of the world who couldn€™t possibly care less. If you€™re in the second camp, you probably have a hard time understanding and relating to those in the first group, but nonetheless, it's big business. Paparazzi, both real and virtual, make a nice living digging into the lives of actors, musicians and athletes for a reason: Supply and demand. Most public figures that spend their time in the spotlight usually make every attempt to stay on the straight and narrow, consciously aware of their image at all times. Others however, and the ones who inspire the most coverage and headlines, subscribe to the theory that any publicity is good publicity and are constantly catching the eyes of the media and lens of the paparazzi for their outlandish behavior. Social media and the wonders of the internet have made news instantaneous and access far-reaching, with the downside to that being, if you€™re in the limelight and you slip up, someone€™s going to know about it within minutes. And then of course the inevitable parade of apologies and face-saving PR kicks off. It€™s predictable and it€™s boring and that type of disingenuous pandering is for someone else to write about. We€™re not going to bother with those types of people in this article. For the purposes of this piece, we€™re going to delve into, and even celebrate 10 times celebrities gave zero f**ks.
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