10 Celebrities Who Gave Absolutely Zero F*cks

10. Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin Words With Friends Alec Baldwin is a celebrity notorious for having a hair-trigger temper and and a massive ego. He's had no shortage of controversy, allegedly assaulting a photographer for videotaping his wife Kim Basinger and their 3-year old daughter. We can all understand that. The need to protect one's family is a strong instinct in males. It's hard to blame Alec for lashing out in that instance. But in 2011, someone really crossed the line, and Mr. Baldwin was having none of it. While sitting aboard an American Airlines plane in Los Angeles, a flight attendant had the nerve to ask Baldin to put his cell phone away. What she was unaware of was that Alec was in the middle of a heated game of Words With Friends, and it was his turn to play a word. Now anyone who has played the game knows how addicting it can be, but you also realize that there's no time limit involved that would have prevented him from waiting until phones were cleared for usage again. But f*ck all that noise, Alec Baldwin was going to play his word, FAA regulations be damned. So he refused, continued to play, and was eventually removed from the plane when he became belligerent. If only he still had that sweet hook-up with Kim Jong-il, this all likely could have been avoided.
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