10 Celebs And Their Creepily Fanatical Stalkers

When does a passionate fan become dangerous? After the death threats, probably...

Thurman Stalker There's nothing wrong with respecting and admiring an artist or performer for the enjoyment they bring to you - music and movies represent the escapism of the times, and those who create it are obviously going to be adored by their fans. But sole fans take things a little too seriously. They don't simply admire stars for their acting or singing abilities, respecting them as artists, but rather they place them impossibly high upon a pedestal and worship them as living gods. Their homes become shrines, every inch of wall covered in posters; every bookcase filled with books, DVDs and other paraphernalia meticulously detailing the intimate details of the lives of the celebrity they adore. Sometimes known as "celebrity worship syndrome", this unhealthy obsession is a sad reflection of celebrity-obsessed culture at its most extreme, in which the sufferer becomes completely detached from the real world, instead living in a fantasy realm where nothing but the celebrity they are fixated on matters. And as they increasingly over-identify with the celebrity, the delusions can become increasingly bizarre, irrational and potentially dangerous. Here are ten cases of obsessions which have gone to the extreme end of superstar worship - these are the fans the celebrities would rather not have.
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