10 Celebs And Their Creepily Fanatical Stalkers

10. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston no doubt has more than her fair share of admirers. The star of hit TV comedy Friends and countless romantic comedies might be in her mid-40s but her looks have hardly diminished (as anyone who has seen her strip tease scene in We're The Millers will no doubt agree with). One fan took his obsession with Aniston a little too far and decided to hang around and wait for the star until one day he was caught with an assortment of articles which can be best described as troubling. These included a roll of duct tape, a bag, a sharp object and a collection of hand-written messages about Aniston. The stalker - a man by the name of Jason Peyton - was described by authorities as "an obsessed, mentally ill and delusional stalker, with a history of violence and criminal stalking, who drove cross-country in his delusional 'mission' to locate and marry , with whom he believes he is in a relationship." Peyton is a classic example of what psychologists refer to as an erotomaniac - a stalker who genuinely believes that their victims are in love with them. Fortunately for Jennifer Aniston, he never got to use the macabre items found in his possession, and she immediately took out a restraining order to keep him at a safe distance.
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