10 Common Nightmares (And What They Actually Mean)

Including the one where you turn up to work with no pants on...

Dreams and nightmares are deeply rooted in the human experience, and have been for millennia. Prophets experienced visions of God in their dreams or foretold great disasters in their nightmares, rooting deep significance into what exactly dreams are, and what causes nightmares to plague our sleep. Strangely, despite unique differences inherent in every person, there are many common nightmares that everyone seems to experience at one time or another, or even on a recurring basis - dreams of falling, of flying, of tornadoes and terrors, and many, many others. The question to allude mankind for many centuries is "what do they all mean?". With the flourishing development of psychological analysis, we have been able to thoroughly explore the world of dreams and nightmares - giving explanations to what makes our brain tick, although no certain factual explanation can ever truly be given. So, if you're stuck wondering what that crazy 'running naked in the mall' or 'seeing my dead great-aunt' or even the 'late for a dress rehearsal only to be left at the altar by your S.O. for Jennifer Lawrence' dream actually meant, here are ten of the most common nightmares to plague the human mind, and what they might just mean...
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