10 Common Nightmares (And What They Actually Mean)

10. Natural Disasters

Aside from a Ronald Emmerich movie, actual natural disasters are few and far between on a global scale - for the time being at least - and surprisingly common for people to experience in a nightmare. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, tsunamis, hurricanes, everything you've ever considered that could decimate the planet can pop up in the dreamscape, prompting utmost terror in a dreamer. After all, who actually enjoys dreams where they're caught in an unbeatable battle against Mother Nature? What It Means... Nightmares about natural disasters usually fixate around a tense, closely-held sense of anxiety in the dreamer's mind about their life and upcoming events. The natural disasters; such as tornados and quakes, become symbols for the repression of anxiety with long-term, ongoing stress. Dream disasters are the ones in your head literally coming to life. Rather than an upcoming presentation or fear over social interactions, nightmares about natural disasters allow the anxieties to flood into the mind and become fully expressed, hopefully leading to a period of lessening of the symptoms.
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