10 Compelling Pieces Of Evidence That Prove The Illuminati Are Real

10. There Was A Proven Illuminati (Ages Ago)

The idea of a group bringing forth the New World Order in secret isn't totally the invention of the tin foil hat, Coast To Coast AM brigade. Well, it's partially that, but they didn't just make it up out of full cloth - May 1, 1776 saw the first meeting of the for real Order Of The Illuminati. It wasn't the wide-reaching global conspiracy we think of nowadays (since it only consisted of five people), but it was just as secretive as the group that may or may not exist today; modelling themselves on secret societies like the Freemasons, this original bunch of radical freethinkers took a vow of secrecy, pledged obedience to their superiors - the group did get a little bigger, over time - and were divided into three main classes. Ironically enough, the Bavarian Illuminati's goals were pretty much the opposite of what the perceived plans of the current New World Order are said to be. Founder (and Jesuit-taught) Adam Weishaupt originally wanted to call the Order the "Perfectibilists", owing to their radical plans to remove the Roman Catholic Church's power and influence over government, philosophy and science, to crack down on state abuses of power, and to convince society to treat women as equals by pushing for them to get the same educational opportunities as men. Which of course couldn't last, at least in 1700s Bavaria, and when a new ruler was elected he outlawed all such secret societies. That said, many of the original Order Of The Illuminati's plans eventually came to pass, so maybe they didn't disband as quickly as they claimed...
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