10 Conspiracy Theories That People Are No Longer Believing

New Coke stopped Cocaine! John Tesh is an Alien! Racist Power in St. Louis! Wait... last one's true.

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In case you missed it, the world's in a bit of a state currently. Not only is the most powerful country in the world facing an historic election (aren't they all?), a pandemic is raging globally, randomly picking off civilians. At the same time, unarmed African Americans are continuing to be shot or just flat murdered by police, and those trying to not engage in a full-on culture war have stoked the fires of old wounds, sticking points and paranoia to forward their agenda.

Meanwhile, Tiktok witches are working jointly to hex both the moon and sun.

This all started, arguably, with a lame attempt to incite the right. Weaponizing nostalgia for a once great country that eventually renders its population bereft of hope sells. As a result, a lot of folk turned to conspiracies, no matter how outlandish. It's not the first time conspiracy theories held far too much sway over the general public, it's simply more widespread thanks to the nature of the internet.

From the confused, angered masses, a Qanon faithful suspected Hillary Clinton and John Podesta were running a Satan-worshipping pedophile ring in a D.C. pizza parlour's basement. He walked into the establishment with an AR-15 and opened fire. There was no basement.

Of course, tell that to Qanon, they're sure it was cemented up by then.

If all this seems out of whack, it means only that you are sane, and probably wouldn't have fallen for these old classics when they were en vogue.

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