10 Conspiracy Theories That People Are No Longer Believing

10. Stephen King Killed John Lennon

It's surprising how easy it is to develop a conspiracy theory. There's sometimes little effort made to connect the dots and, when there are none, they fill in the gaps with madness.

This van, belonging to one Steve Lightfoot, appeared on the streets of Maine in the early '90s. Initially, people assumed it was an elaborate prank, and it would have been a great one to pull at the height of King's miniseries popularity in Maine, his home turf.

Sadly, Lightfoot was deadly serious, and it started to get picked up as the zany story of the week on local news. The theory appears to come from little more than the idea that, add a few pounds, Stephen King vaguely resembles a young Mark David Chapman. The noticeable major difference is King's rather pronounced upper lip and brow, which would require cranial restructuring.

Chapman's whole history, including the infamous nod to Catcher in the Rye, is a complete fabrication, claims Lightfoot. And the evidence has been there all along, hidden in cryptographic messages in Richard Nixon's book The Real War and back issues of Time and Newsweek. Nixon and Reagan arranged for a minorly successful writer (King was actually a pretty big success by 1980) to be the trigger man. Lightfoot's reasons are vast and a little confusing, mainly based around Lennon's anti-war propaganda.

It's not easy to pass judgment on some of these; in fact, it's downright impossible and counterproductive. This is lazy even by lunatic standards. Zero Lyndon LaRouches.

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