10 Craft Beers That Will Activate Your Gag Reflex

10 craft beers that really have no place in this world.

There comes a point in the long lifetime of any universally beloved product--whether it be a critically-acclaimed television show or hit-making rock band--where the temptation to "jump the shark" rears its ugly head. This sharp decline in quality coincides with some outlandish moment that is completely out of sync with the usual tone of the brand. (Like when Fonzie literally jumped over a shark in a later season of Happy Days and spawned the term.) For the burgeoning craft beer industry, it seems that moment has arrived. Hard. Craft breweries are sprouting up by the dozens, with more than 2.5 million barrels of craft beer made annually in the United States alone, and these microbrewers have become more outrageous and experimental with their brewing ingredients with each passing season. But when it comes to creating €œweird beer,€ how far is too far? Coffee-infused porters, cucumber saisons, stouts aged in bourbon barrels, ales with three types of citrus, and IPAs with as many hops as possible while still being able to call the beer a liquid; these are the new norm. But while some brewers settle comfortably into a tasty niche, others go out of their way to make their beer as unpalatable as possible, seemingly as a dare to the craft beer community. "This is your future!" they yell, a warning that our fascination with making everything uber-unique will eventually lead to us drinking a pickled fish stick, Velveeta-infused Double IPA...and demanding something weirder. Or maybe they're just really bored. Either way, these 10 craft beers have no place in this world. Is there a brew that's gotten your stomach all riled up that didn't make the list? Let us know what we missed in the comments.
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