10 Craft Beers That Will Activate Your Gag Reflex

10. Burke In The Bottle Smoked Sour Rye

Gag-Inducing Ingredients: Beef hearts, molasses. Beef hearts and molasses. Together. Inside your beer. That's what it's come to. What seems like the project of a mad scientist who got bored with the idea of fusing different animals together is actually the result of a collaboration between Samuel Adams and restauranteur David Burke. Obviously this isn't quite the same as tossing beef and beer into a blender and hitting puree, but it's nowhere near different enough for this to be considered a good thing. By most accounts, this is simply an experiment gone wrong. Even the creators of Burke in the Bottle seemed to have trouble finding a way to describe their concoction that would make it sound tasty, using phrases like "big spice hit up front" as a positive and somehow holding back laughter while describing the distinctive beef heart...finish. It's hard to imagine this as anything other than a conceptual prank that somehow got funding and then promptly got out of hand.
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