10 Crazy Fashion Trends From History

Dangerous, deadly and deranged. Was it ever worth it to look this good?

In the modern world we frequently encounter celebrities wearing an array of peculiar outfits online and in magazines. Lady Gaga's meat dress, Pharrell Williams' oversize hat, Madonna's bullet bras and Miley Cyrus' scary mouse leotard are just a handful that spring to mind. However, for the most part these fashion statements have thankfully been one-offs that haven't turned into trends. In general, our day-to-day fashion tends to be simple and comfortable. Few people stray far from the casual jeans and t-shirt look when they pop out to the shops. High heels aside, people these days tend not to inflict pain on themselves, risk injury or go out of their way to be impractical every day in the pursuit of fashion. In centuries past, this often wasn't the case. It seems that people put great effort into looking ridiculous for the sake of attention, not just at parties or on special occasions, but all the time. Wealthy men and women were the worst offenders, using their outfits to show off the fact that they didn't have to do anything useful or practical with their time. You'd think some of them would have realised their mistake when their outfits started prohibiting their ability to live normal lives and putting them in danger, but apparently not. Showing off was far more important. From the glamorous ladies of Ancient Egypt to the high society of Georgian England, this list will take you through ten of the craziest fashion trends in history that we're all glad aren't around anymore.

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