10 Creepiest Ever Stephen King Characters

"The young carpenter from Nazareth? I know him well. Promising young man. He died badly."

He is affectionately (and perhaps appropriately) known as "The King of Horror". For over 40 years Stephen King has been thrilling and chilling his faithful readers with stories that have transcended the fiction world. His books are rich with details that captivate and transport the audience into the worlds that he has created. King is a master at making the reader feel like they are not only reading a book, but are an active participant in the events that are transpiring within the pages. Perhaps his greatest skill is fleshing out characters that seem to leap off of the pages and grab the reader. We care about them, relate to them, cheer for them and yes, fear them. Some of the greatest characters that he has created are the ones who cause the reader to place the book down before going to sleep, but, not turn the light out. King has an uncanny knack for tapping into the psyche of his audience and preying on their deepest fears. To do this he introduces them to characters, human or otherwise, that cause the skin to crawl, the hair to stand up on the neck and the mind to wander. And these are the creepiest of the lot...

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