10 Creepy Animated Horror Shorts To Watch This Halloween

If it wasn't animated, it'd probably be banned.

YouTube, @Lee Hardcastle

With many young people now growing up in the internet age, and YouTube having been a staple of the internet landscape for the past decade and a half, it's unsurprising that the practice of telling scary stories that's been around since the dawn of humanity now comes with the added bonus of creepy videos - of which there are many.

Some of the best ones, if you ask anyone growing up in the 2000s however, have to be the animated ones. The creepy, the weird, the disgusting, the downright terrifying - these are the shorts that would've been banned or demonetised on the site in 2019 if they were live action.

Showcasing the raw talents of the most disturbed and creative artists, and a lot more unique that what many horror buffs are used to seeing, this is the kind of creepy, spooky stuff worth checking out. While there are more than a few others worthy of the attention of avid horror fans, this batch of ten creepy, horrifying and harrowing (and sometimes funny) short films is a good place to start.

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